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We Care of Lake County, Inc.

Making a difference in the community with the assistance of volunteer physicians.

We Care

We Care provides referrals for specialty care to uninsured adult residents of Lake County. A not-for-profit organization founded by the Lake-Sumter Medical Society in 1994.
We Care is a vital link for uninsured Lake County residents who need specialty services.

We Care specialty physicians give generously of their time, facilities, services, and expertise. The program is successful because of the charity and kindness of the 113 volunteer doctors currently providing services. While not receiving monetary benefits, volunteer providers gain the satisfaction of knowing they are helping less fortunate members of the Lake County community. Their altruism is rewarded with state-sponsored Sovereign Immunity for themselves and their practices.

The We Care volunteer physician's responsibility is to provide professional medical care.
The We Care staff coordinates appointments and other client services necessary for successful outcomes, such as radiological and lab testing, pharmaceuticals and referrals to other physicians.

The We Care Board of Directors is comprised of community leaders who represent a balanced
cross section of the Lake County health care community. We Care of Lake County receives fiscal support from the Lake County Board of County Commissioners, grants, and private donations.

We Care addresses the need for specialized medical services by providing more than one
million dollars in donated specialty services annually.

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Why Volunteer?

Why do physicians volunteer?
Physicians who volunteer with We Care assist the community overall by keeping local residents in good health. People who are forced to compromise their health due to lack of financial resources or health insurance often seek services from the hospital emergency department. By providing the link to specialty medical care, We Care of Lake County is a critical resource in helping people become well, self-sufficient, and productive again.

Schedule flexibility
Volunteer physicians have the flexibility to incorporate indigent patient care into their regular office hour schedule of appointments. This is an important aspect of the program which does not require doctors to leave their office or go to a different clinic location.

Sovereign Immunity
The Florida Department of Health's Volunteer Health Care Provider Program provides liability protection through state-sponsored sovereign immunity. This Florida statute extends liability protection to providers if a lawsuit results from services rendered under the auspices of We Care.

Who does We Care serve?
Current residents of Lake County who have residency established for the prior six (6) months with a diagnosed condition requiring specialty care that is not elective or cosmetic. In addition, clients of We Care must be between the ages of 18 and 65 with a household income of 200% or less of the federal poverty level guidelines. Clients must be uninsured and not seeking disability or be currently involved in litigation for worker's compensation, accident, or other claims.

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Who Refers to We Care?

For further information or volunteer opportunities

Carol Millwater, Executive Director
We Care of Lake County, Inc.
401 E. Alfred Street
PO Box 1069
Tavares, FL 32778
Phone: 352-742-0021 or Director’s line: 742-0051
FAX: 352-742-0065

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