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Recently Unemployed?
Having Trouble Paying for Medicine?


Pfizer may be able to help if you:

• Are taking a Pfizer medicine

• Have recently become unemployed

• Have no prescription coverage

• Are experiencing financial hardship


There is a new program called

Pfizer MAINTAIN™ that may be able to help.



It’s easy to know if you, or a loved one, are eligible:

1. Have you become unemployed since January 1, 2009?

2. Were you taking a Pfizer medicine for at least 3 months prior to unemployment and enrolling in the program?

3. Do you lack prescription drug coverage?

4. Are you experiencing financial hardship?

The application process is easy and straightforward:


Step 1:       Get the application immediately by calling 866-706-2400, or visit www.PfizerHelpfulAnswers.com after June 1st to download a copy.

Step 2:       Complete the easy, one-page application and mail it to Pfizer MAINTAIN. Pfizer will process your application within 2-3 weeks.

Step 3:       If your application is approved, your medicine will be sent directly to your home for up to one year or until you become re-insured (whichever comes first).


The program, which applies regardless of prior family income, will be open for enrollment through
December 31, 2009 and applies to eligible Americans who have become unemployed since January 1, 2009.
It is designed to help recently unemployed Americans and their families who are uninsured and who are taking Pfizer medicines to continue treatment for free for up to one year or until they become re-insured (whichever comes first). More than 70 Pfizer primary care medicines are available through the program.


For those who do not qualify for Pfizer MAINTAIN, there may still be help available through Pfizer Helpful Answers®, a family of patient assistance programs for the uninsured and underinsured who need help getting Pfizer medicines. To find a program that may be able to help, call 866-706-2400 or visit www.PfizerHelpfulAnswers.com.

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